Dave Chappelle Ahead of Doris Lessing

I note from Reddit that British Nobel literature laureate Doris Lessing predicted that Barack Obama will be assassinated if elected president. I’ve heard a similar prediction, or fear, from others.

I note from YouTube that Dave Chappelle made a similar prediction 8 years ago. However, the name of the endangered president was Chappelle, not Obama. He also named the VP. Perhaps I should warn that some may find the opening remark of this clip more offensive than the prospect of assassination.*

* I don’t understand such people, but I think that they exist. They may also be offended by my putting this post in the Fun category, but it is after all a comedy clip.

Super Tuesday Thoughts

Were I not a victim of taxation without representation, I would be voting in the Massachusetts primary today, and I would be voting for Barack Obama to be the Democrats’ presidential candidate. My endorsement won’t carry any weight, but I would draw attention to the endorsement by Larry Lessig and the very lucid presentation he recently posted.

One of the important skills for any human being, and I do consider most politicians to be human beings, is that of interacting well with those who disagree. I am impressed by the way Obama reacted to chanting protesters. He was civil to them and, after they had been ejected, he reminded the crowd of the important of free speech, and that protests like the one against his position are “‚Äúpart of the American tradition.”

Yes, I do categorize my few political posts under Business deliberately.

Typing the Candidates

Barack Obama LogoToday’s Boston Globe carries an article by Sam Berlow and Cyrus Highsmith of The Font Bureau. Here are some of their comments on the candidates’ logos and, in particular, on the fonts used.

  • Obama’s type is contemporary, fresh, very polished and professional. The serifs are sharp and pointed… The ever-present rising sun logo has the feeling of a hot new Internet company.
  • The Hillary type palette is far from fresh and colorful; it is begging for legitimacy instead of demanding respect. It projects recycled establishment. The type has a tired feeling.
  • Huckabee has the most inexplicable selection of typography and graphics.
  • If we were to predict the results based on typography and design, we would pick McCain and Obama.

Presidential Meme

I just tried the 2008 Presidential Candidate Matching Quiz, despite being a victim of taxation without representation here in the USA. I didn’t know much about my match, so I Googled him, only to find that ABC has just cut Mike Gravel from a Dem debate because he doesn’t meet the station’s “quite inclusive” criteria. Kucinich was also cut. Sorry if I somehow jinxed you, guys.

79% Mike Gravel
78% Dennis Kucinich
73% Chris Dodd
68% Barack Obama
66% John Edwards
66% Hillary Clinton
65% Joe Biden
64% Bill Richardson
44% Rudy Giuliani
38% John McCain
37% Ron Paul
30% Mike Huckabee
27% Mitt Romney
17% Tom Tancredo
14% Fred Thompson

Privacy No Longer Can Mean Anonymity

I don’t think that the message in the title is meant to be satirical. Apparently “top intelligence official” Donald Kerr is serious. Maybe intelligence doesn’t mean what it used to either.

I saw this story at Yahoo News via Reddit. Pamela Hess of AP joins other journalists impressive for their deadpan delivery and chances of making it as a satirist.