President of Change

We (our rather, the citizens of the country in which I reside, but cannot vote) are about to get a new president. Central to the discussion has been change. Obama notoriously uses the word at every opportunity.

But McCain and Palin have been talking about the concept of change just as much. It’s just that, while Obama has owned the word itself, McPalin have found other ways to refer to, and attempt to claim, the concept. In particular, Palin has used the word maverick almost as often as Tina Fey has.

A maverick is an unbranded range animal, especially a motherless calf. It can also mean a person who thinks independently, a lone dissenter, a non-conformist or rebel. There’s other good stuff at Wikipedia, but the point is that Palin associates herself and McCain with change by describing the two of them as non-conformists. (If you want to address the question of how each can be both a lone dissenter and the running mate of the other, please do so in the comments.)

Now, if you wanted the American people to associate you with change, which word would you choose? A one-syllable word, preferably change itself? Or a three-syllable word meaning a motherless calf? And, if your opponent has already claimed the C-word for himself, would you reinforce the central place of change in the discussion? Perhaps you had to, unless you wanted to campaign on four-letter words like Bush and same.

By the way, Changing Way makes no official endorsement of either candidate. But you can probably detect endorsements unofficial and subliminal.

Obama Bumper Sticker

That One/The Other Joe in 08 bumpersticker
I was inspired by John McCain’s showing in the presidential debates. To be more specific, I was inspired by his reference to Barack Obama as “that one” and to his many references to Joe the plumber. Hence this bumper sticker.

As you’ll see if you follow the link (from the image to Zazzle), others have already been similarly inspired. I’m not even sure if I’m the first to refer to that one and to JtP on the same item.


If you can vote, do so. Spoiling your ballot to indicate that no candidate is worthy of your vote is better than not voting at all. Indeed, it has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all those other forms that have been tried from time to time.

The image comes from the Threadless shirt “The Tree Referendum.”

Andrew, victim of US taxation without representation.

Palin Post

I held out this long. Tina Fey couldn’t make me post about Palin, but I couldn’t resist this talented twosome. Niniane likes the way the female half of the duo looks at the male; I put it down to his great facial expressions.

Republicans for Clinton

Today’s Globe reports that Republicans have begun participating in Democratic primaries specifically to vote for Clinton. They think that this will help McCain.

Ten days ago, I twittered that if I were a McCain supporter with money to contribute, I would give it to Clinton. I made the same observation on reddit. I was told that I was a moron. I’m not sure what today’s Globe article makes me…

WordPress 2.5 as Campaign Issue

It started when Anil Dash posted that WordPress 2.5 is about to be released, and we [Six Apart] wanted to encourage WordPress users to upgrade. To Movable Type. Mike Arrington noted that Dash’s blog post was so tame that I can’t even find a good quote to pull. I suspect that Mike was disappointed.

If so, his disappointment was short-lived. Matt of WordPress twittered that six apart is getting desperate, and dirty.

Somehow Anil and Matt remind me of Hillary and Obama, although I’m not quite sure who is who. Perhaps we have a better politics/tech fit in John McCain/Steve Ballmer.