Gallery Nucleus Site Redesign

tonohime1.jpgAs multiple previous posts have shown, I like Gallery Nucleus. It exhibits work, and sells work, by wonderful artists such as Mari Inukai. Its web site allows a glimpse at this work for those of us who live a long way from the Nucleus store in southern California.

So I put Mari’s “Nippon Seifuku” in my art cart, which is a kind of wishlist of art I’d like for birthday, Christmas, etc. presents. But the link broke!

Gallery Nucleus has redesigned its site. That may be a good thing in some ways. But in that it broke existing links, it is a very bad thing. Given the time of year, the link-breakers may have been the grinches who stole a Mari print from me this Christmas, since I sent my family to the art cart for gift ideas.

I’ve since fixed the link on my art cart. I should add that the image included in this post is also available as a print…

Lookybook: Looking at Picture Books

Now here’s a rather wonderful idea. Lookybook allows you to look at picture books in their entirety.

It’s like a test drive track for kid’s books. I expect that many of the test drives will lead to purchases, and hence that the site will make money from its affiliate programs. I don’t think that it will be seen as providing a substitute for real books, and neither do the folks behind the Lookybook. “We know that nothing will replace the magic of reading a book with your child.”

I’ve started setting up my bookshelf. I would embed a book in this post, but restrictions prevent me using the widget that Lookybook provides. I like a lot of things about the site, including the fact that it refers to itself as a preview rather than a beta.

Things I’d like to see added include: a wishlist feature; tagging; a blog (Lookyblog?). And more books. There are currently a couple of hundred, with plans to get that above a thousand next year. I wish a prosperous holiday season to Lookybook, and to Drawn!, where I read about Lookybook.