Of Cell Phones and Semicolons

Christine (via Universal Adam) reports an urge to vandalize a sign she saw on the Red Line. The sign related to cell phone use. I find the urge understandable, driven as it was by devotion to the semicolon.

She further reports, and commends, action by one of her fellow Red Line users. The action? Replacement of an inappropriate comma with an apt semicolon.

It looks like the work of the Grammar Vandal, who has been known to be protective of the Red Line and of its trains. Or perhaps there are others sacking the decadent citadel of Lax Language. Is there a tribe of Grammar Vandals?

One thought on “Of Cell Phones and Semicolons”

  1. I’ve been known to fix the punctuation and/or spelling in library books. Perhaps not as daring as altering a sign for a train, but as devoted to the cause. Glad to know there are others.

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